Family Movie Night: What’s On Your Plate?

September is National Childhood Obesity Month What's On Your Plate? is a great independent film for the entire family.  This film follows two 11-year old girls living in New … [Read more...]

Baby’s First Foods

Did you know that your baby does not have to eat rice cereal as a first food?  To grow a healthy baby with a hearty appetite for real whole foods, you can introduce your baby to … [Read more...]

Septmeber is National Childhood Obesity Month

September is a great time of the year to refocus on your fitness and nutrition goals.  The rush of the summer is behind us and most settle into a predictable routine like the … [Read more...]

A Merry Heart is Like Medicine!

Laughter can help you naturally lose weight and be healthier.  Here's how... 1.  Laughing is a natural cardiovascular workout, increases your heart rate and improves … [Read more...]

Shake It! Fitness Studio: Quick Home Workout

Don't think you have enough time to exercise? Try this quick home workout before you climb stairs. … [Read more...]

Traveling Healthy

Traveling Healthy When planning your next trip, plan how you are going to make good food choices in the midst of so many food temptations. No matter how faithful you are to … [Read more...]

Name that Fruit!

Can you name these … [Read more...]

Kids Fitness Camp Highlights!

Our Kids Fitness Summer Camps focuses on wellness as a lifestyle.  Kids participate in Zumbatomic (Zumba for kids), yoga, kick boxing, interval training and boot camp for kids.  We … [Read more...]

Smile, Today is Smile Power Day!

Health benefits to smiling: Smiling Changes Our Mood Next time you are feeling down, try putting on a smile. There's a good chance you mood will change for the better. Smiling … [Read more...]

Fruit Personality Quiz

Take a look at the list of fruits below and choose one that is your favorite.  It could tell a lot about your … [Read more...]

Benefits to Eating Fruits & Vegetables

June is National Fruit and Vegetable Month.  There are many benefits to eating fruits and vegetables. Some of these include: You can eat more food since they have a lower … [Read more...]

June is National Fruits and Vegetables Month

June is National Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Month!  Here are four easy ways to add more fruits and vegetables to your meals. Wake up to fruit -- Make a habit of adding … [Read more...]

Getting that Bridal Body

With planning for a wedding, chances are you are limited on the amount of time you can spend working out.  If that is the case then focus on the areas that will give you the most … [Read more...]

Avoiding Injury When Working Out

Below are a few simple ways that you can help keep your body protected from unnecessary injuries. 1.  Always warm up first -- It is important to get blood flowing to your … [Read more...]

Memorial Day Swimming Safety Tips

Today is the unofficial start of summer, bringing warm weather, barbeques and swimming. Many pools have also opened for the first time this year.  To be safe in the water today and … [Read more...]

Memorial Day Recipes

Memorial Day is a day of remembrance for those who have died in our nation's service. It is also celebrated as the beginning of summer with family gatherings and bar-b-ques.  … [Read more...]

Join Our Team of Fitness Professionals

Are you passionate about the fitness industry? Can you inspire others to reach their fitness goals and improve their overall well-being? If you answered yes to either of these … [Read more...]

My Top Six Healthy Snacks

          Here is a list of the top six things I always keep on hand: Nuts (almonds and walnuts are great choices) Fruit (oranges, … [Read more...]

Michelle Obama Launches Contest for Healthy Lunch Recipes

Do you remember the days of the tater tots served by the lunchroom lady?  I know I do!  Now children from across the nation will have a chance to dine like dignitaries and … [Read more...]

Eating Healthy At Work

According to the American Dietetic Association, close to 70% of Americans eat at their desks several times a week.  So preparing a healthy, convenient meal ahead of time will keep … [Read more...]

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