Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at Shake It! Fitness Studio in Delaware

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Ribbon Cutting Ceremony


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Hours before the ribbon cutting ceremony

last min

I spent the past weekend and all day Monday working on details in the studio.  Here are a few pictures of the progress... … [Read more...]

Sign, Sealed, Delivered!

2012-04-20 19.47.20

The shopping center and store front signs were installed today! … [Read more...]

Almost there!

2012-04-10 20.48.44

Here are some pictures from the last few days of work.  Getting closer to completion!   After my class today, we had another look.  One student who had not seen any … [Read more...]

The Team!

2012-04-07 18.27.54

This evening in my home, I held an employee orientation/meet & greet.  It was a fantastic night.  I shared with them the vision of Shake It! Fitness Studio...where we are and … [Read more...]

Painting Day 2

2012-04-06 09.56.54

It took an entire day to paint two coats of paint to the ceiling.  The next day we painted the interior studio walls.  I want the studio to have a tropical island feel, so I chose … [Read more...]

Painting Day

2012-04-04 11.31.45

The greatest sign of a success for a teacher...is to be able to say, 'The children are now working as if I did not exist.'-- Maria Montessori As a homeschool mom with four … [Read more...]

End of Week 2

2012-03-28 19.38.31-1

The second week of renovations ended with the changing room framed and dry walled, all electrical work completed, formica counter top delivered and other odds & ends. On my … [Read more...]

End of Day 7

Well it's been one week and one day since the renovations started and things are moving along nicely.  I stopped by today around 2 pm to check on things.  There was a lot of … [Read more...]

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