What to Expect?

At one point, we were all new to our first fitness class.  Knowing what to expect can make it a little easier.

At your first visit, arrive a few minutes before the start of the first class.  This gives us time to sign you in.  You can pay at the door or purchase classes in advance.  The choice is yours!

What if I can’t dance?

If you can move, then you can take our classes.  The steps are easy to follow and repeat themselves.  Although, it may feel different when you first attend, you will get comfortable over time.  It usually takes about three classes to get familiar with the moves.  So don’t be discouraged, stick with it!

Remember, starting a new fitness class is like starting any other program of physical activity.  Check with your doctor first and let the teacher know, especially if you have back and joint problems, are pregnant or if there is anything else they should know that may limit your ability to comfortably move.

What to Bring?

Bring water and a towel with you.  It’s important to stay hydrated while working out.  If you forget your water, you may purchase bottled water for $1.

 What to Wear?

Wear comfortable, loose fitting workout clothes and athletic shoes.  If you are taking a Hot Hula fitness,  Belly Funk Fitness or yoga class, you have the option of taking these classes in your bare feet.

What kinds of people are in your classes?

In our classes, you’ll find people of all ages, nationalities and sizes.  We have several regulars in their 80’s who come out.  And, real men shake it too!

What are your Zumba classes like?

No matter which Zumba Fitness class you attend at our studio, you will feel the original latin flavor.  Each class has a different intensity level and embodies the dance style, mood and music preferences of the instructor.   Although each instructor has a different style, every class has what we call “the Zumba Formula”.  The “Zumba Formula” is a 70/30 mix of songs.  There will be at least 70% latin and international rhythms such as African, calypso, Bollywood.   The remaining 30% of songs are the instructor’s choice.  This may be pop, R&B, and top 40.  This is what makes Zumba fitness so fun.

 Can I bring my children to class with me?

The classes during the regularly scheduled time are aimed at adults.  There are times when teen-aged children attend with a parent.  And that is perfectly ok!  They will pay the same rate for monthly, class card or drop-in.  Children can not sit in the studio unsupervised during class times.  This poses a great liability.

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