Keeping Your Fitness Goals in 2013

You probably already know the importance of fitness goal setting. You know you should have a specific goal you want to reach… the question then becomes, “How do I achieve that goal?”

The answer… Just be consistent!  Consistency is one of the most overlooked attributes to success.  The person who never gives up usually ends up getting what she wants.  The best part is consistency works with baby steps. You don’t have to start hitting the gym 5 days a week to see results. Just small, consistent steps each day will get you towards your goals.

90% of Success Is Just Showing Up

So how do you stay consistent?

  1. Stop thinking “long term” and focus only on the present moment.  Looking to far in advance can be overwhelming.  Focus on what you can do today or this week.  Then in no time you will have been consistently working out for weeks and later, months.
  2. Find a workout buddy.  Grab a friend to take with you to workout or make a new one in your exercise classes.  Knowing that someone is counting on you to be there will make you more likely to stick with your workout routine, even on those days when you don’t want to stick with it.
  3. Write down what you want in 2013.  Do you want to fit a dress you once were able to wear?  Do you want to not be winded when walking up the stairs?  Think about what you want and write it down.  Then post it where you’ll see it, like the refrigerator.
  4. Be realistic.  If you have been inactive for quite some time, don’t set yourself up or defeat with unrealistic goals.  Start slowly and work your way up to where you want to be with your activity level.  You will feel success at each stage and will be motivated to keep going.
  5. Finally, just do it!  Make a commitment for three to six days of working out a week. Then just do it.  Don’t let anything stop you.  In no time you’ll find yourself effortlessly achieving your fitness goals.

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