Staying Fit for the Holidays


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This time of the year is often a difficult one with getting our workouts in and staying the course with fitness.  It appears that the best laid fitness plans go by the wayside. We eat too much, and we aren’t quite as active, at least not in the way that we should be. The end result is that we hit the new year with a rather unpleasant overall jump in our weight.  In fact, that one whole month can successfully undo what we spent the last year working towards!


So can you stay fit during the holiday season? You bet, and it isn’t as hard as you might think. Consider the following and apply them to your lifestyle.

  1. Don’t worry about losing weight, just maintain what you have.  If you can at least hold your ground, you’re doing okay.
  2. Enjoy in moderation.  Don’t deprive yourself of a small holiday treat.
  3. Eat more soups and stews.  They are nutritious, satisfying and have few calories than a typical dinner at the table.
  4. Skip the gravy and heavy sauces when you do eat a meal.
  5. Keep your activity level up during the winter.
  6. Drink plenty of water.

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