The only 3 moves you need this winter for a flat tummy

In winter, it’s all too easy to stay in bed on those cold mornings and skimp on your workouts. Because those oversized jumpers are just so forgiving. We hear you. That’s why we’ve created this quick three-exercise session to target your waist and stomach.

It’s from our new glossy magazine, the body+soul 2019 Fitness Handbook which is full of easy workouts that torch fat and tone muscle.

Get started

You’ll need a chair or bench for this workout. Do 2-5 sets of each move, with a set comprising 20 reps each side of the bunny hop, 15 each side of the hip raise and 10 reps each side of the leg raise. Have a 30-second rest between each move and a 1-minute rest between sets.

1. Bench bunny hop

WHY: Engages your core and the intense cardio burns fat. HOW: Place your hands on the seat of a chair or bench, with your legs together to one side. Jump as high as you can as you leap from one side to the other. This is one rep. Repeat, jumping to the other side.

2. Side plank with hip raise

WHY: Tones your waist and works your core. HOW: Lie on your left side and engage your core to come up to a side plank, your body forming a straight line from shoulder to ankle. Lift your right arm up to the sky as you raise your right hip and squeeze, then return to the plank. This is one rep.

3. Rear supported leg-raise

WHY: Works each side of your torso. HOW: Sit on the floor with your legs straight in front of you and hands behind your hips. Lean back slightly on your hands. Lift one leg off the floor, then return to the floor. This is one rep.

Tip: To boost the cardio element of this workout, throw in 30 seconds of skipping after each set.

This is an extract from the body+soul 2019 Fitness Handbook (on sale now from leading newsagents and online).

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