Best vegan cookbooks to inspire your plant-based pals

From delicious plant-based desserts to hearty comfort food recipes, here are the latest vegan cookbooks for your herbivorous friends to help satisfy their hunger. 

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Veganism is taking the world by storm, and by now we all have at least one plant-based friend. Whether they’re a newbie or a vegan pro, it’s always nice to have new recipes on hand for the days they’re feeling uninventive in the kitchen. So we have done the research for you and compiled the most appetizing vegan reads that are trending right now.

What: Five Ingredient Vegan, Katy Beskow ($39.95 at Amazon)

Why: Keeping it simple is what everyone wants in the kitchen. This cookbook showcases delightful recipes that can be quickly created to ensure fuss free cooking. And the best thing about it? Most people will already have the simple ingredients in their cupboards.

What: Incredible Plant-Based Desserts, Anthea Cheng ($39.99 at Dymocks)

Why: Featuring non-animal derived cookies, cakes, and many more luscious treats, it’s especially ideal for vegans with a sweet-tooth . The recipes are accompanied with aesthetic photography, so this mouth-watering dessert guide will ensure a picture perfect treat.

What: Eat More Vegan!, Luke Hines ($24 at Kmart)

Why: You’re probably familiar with the 2013 My Kitchen Rules finalist Luke Hines. After releasing 10 bestselling books, this is his newest read. To note: the cookbook is completely gluten and grain-free so it’s a win-win for your health conscious pals.

What: The Global Vegan, Ellie Bullen ($19 at Target)

Why: Perfect for those looking for cultural recipes, this cookbook features over 100 dishes – packed with maximum flavour and healthy ingredients – that have been inspired by Ellie Bullen’s global travels. Bullen also includes must-know information about getting your body’s nutrient needs on a vegan diet.

What: Vegan (ish), Jack Monroe ($34.99 at Dymocks)

Why: Not many of us have the money for fancy gadgets or premium ingredients to whip up vegan masterpieces. Help your friends keep it simple – but tasty – in the kitchen with this read.

What: Quick & Easy, Deliciously Ella ($30 at Amazon)

Why: When you don’t want to spend hours cooking or prepping, this cookbook comes in handy. All the plant-base recipes take a maximum of 20 minutes to make and are delicious as can be. Perfect for busy vegan mums who want to prepare delicious dishes for their family.

What: I Can Cook Vegan, Isa Chandra Moskowitz ($45 at Dymocks)

Why: After decades of experience of writing cookbooks, Moskowitz has included simplified recipes that are still packed with important nutrients in this one. From pasta and noodles to sautees, this cookbook will allow your plant-based pals to indulge in their favourite comfort foods.

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