Sam Wood answers the most common diet and fitness questions

The top two questions I get asked would without doubt be “Hows Snez?” and “When’s your baby due?”. The other four questions are typically about fitness and this is what they are.

1. What’s more important: training or food?

They are both equally as important and the reality is if you are only able to get on top of one these then you will never get the ultimate results that you are looking for.

I always say that it’s much better to be an 8 out of 10 in both than 10 out of 10 in one and the other neglected. When you focus equally on training and nutrition, it is more powerful than a case of 1+1=2, it is 1+1= 3.

2. Do you like the keto diet?

No. I’m all about low-carb not no carb and I don’t like extreme approaches that aren’t sustainable.

3. What type of training burns the most fat?

HIIT! This is why 28 is designed around this philosophy and gets such amazing results.

4. How much water should I drink, can I still drink coffee and is alcohol really bad?

My philosophy and the 28 philosophy is progress not perfection. Yes, you can still drink coffee, I drink two every day. Just remember to limit the sugar and milk as they are excess calories.

When it comes to water, try and get up to three litres of water every day. I love a beer, but with alcohol it must be in moderation to see results. Too many people get great results Monday-Friday only to undo all that good work by binging every weekend.

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